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Hemp Bombs Sleepy Dreams CBD Bath Bombs for Sleep contain the soothing aromas of lavender and chamomile to creating a calming spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Olive Oil Glycereth-8 Esters, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Cannabidiol, Potassium Bitartrate, Fragrance, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Manganese Violet Bubble Bombs per pack: 3 CBD per Bath Bomb: 75 mg

What are CBD Bath Bombs?

Hemp Bombs CBD Bath Bombs are compact, sphere-shaped topicals used to enhance your bath. The base ingredients sodium bicarbonate, more commonly known as baking soda, and citric acid react with water to aid the skin and provide a fun and fizzy experience. Hemp Bombs Bubble Bombs boost the traditional bath bomb experience with the calming properties of CBD. Our Sleepy Dreams CBD Bath Bombs contain additional ingredients and natural oils like lavender and chamomile to benefit your skin and mind.

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

Hemp Bombs CBD Bubble Bombs are easy and fun to use, creating a complete sensory experience. Thereâ??s never a bad time for a relaxing soak in the tub, but our CBD Bath Bombs for sleep are perfect before bed. You can personalize your bath with candles or music for an all-around soothing atmosphere.

  1. Fill the tub with warm water
  2. Drop the bubble bomb in the tub
  3. Get in and relax for 20 to 30 minutes

For best results with CBD, remain in the tub for at least 15 minutes. But when it comes to any bath, we recommend keeping it to 30 minutes or less. Longer soaks may end up drying out your skin. When it comes to any topical product, there is a chance for skin irritation. Although we craft our products for universal comfort, you should test the bath bomb water on a small part of your body â?? before completely soaking â?? to ensure it agrees with your skin.

How Long Do CBD Bath Bombs Last?

The active ingredients in our CBD Bath Bombs for Sleep give this product a shelf life of about six months. To experience the most fizz and freshness, we recommend using this product within a month of purchase.

What are the Benefits of Sleepy Dreams CBD Bath Bombs?

A warm bath alone can alleviate soreness and aches while washing away your stress. However, using one of our CBD Bubble Bombs elevates the soothing experience of your traditional bath with beneficial topical ingredients and aromatherapy. Our Sleepy Dreams CBD Bath Bombs include lavender and chamomile, which are known to promote calmness and alleviate stress. After your soak, you will be ready to doze off into a deep, restful slumber.

Why Choose CBD Bath Bombs for Sleep from Hemp Bombs?

We go the extra mile to bring positivity and wellness into your daily life, especially when it comes to self-care. Our CBD Bath Bombs for Sleep were expertly crafted with lavender and chamomile to help you relax and unwind before bedtime. All Hemp Bombs products feature CBD sourced from Industrial Hemp grown on licensed American farms. We manufacture our products in-house for quality control and conduct testing before, during and after production for consistency. We partner with a third-party ISO-certified lab to test our raw materials and finished goods for quality and transparency.

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